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For many people starting a business is a life long dream. With the proper marketing we can help keep that dream a reality. Connecting clients with brands is the core of our marketing model. No matter what your goal is, we create campaigns that build brand loyalty, customer acquisition, and customer retention. There’s many avenues a company can take to achieve this goal, but with our proven techniques we create an atmosphere specific to each brands industry. While we focus on various aspects of marketing, we emphasize social marketing and have various ways of expanding your presence within the industry. There’s many indicators that strongly suggest that social marketing and new technique will be our future. With our experienced marketing team expanding it’s knowledge each day on these modern techniques, we figure out the best methods to achieve our core marketing values for your business.   

Organic Search Results

Search Engine Optimization

There’s no question search engines receive a huge amount of activity everyday. In fact, Google alone processes over 40,000 search queries every second. So you can only imagine how important it is for your business to be considered in these search results. While there’s many companies that promise the top result or first page ranking, they use many techniques known as ‘black hat SEO’. Search engines penalize websites that use these tactics and can even remove you site from even being indexed in search results.

ARCtrinity specializes in ‘white hat SEO’ and promises that we can get you better results and page ranking without endangering the integrity of your site in the eyes of Google and other major search engines. 

What we offer:

  • Keyword research
  • Keyword implentation
  • ‘H’ tag optimization
  • Internal link Optimization
  • Onpage SEO
  • Offpage SEO
  • Image Optimization
  • Articles written about your industry

A Modern marketing strategy

Social Influencer Marketing

Social media advertising has become standard to today’s marketing strategies and implementation. But standard tactics are just the beginning of a great campaign. We’ve studied trends and statistics and found newer techniques that most business’s don’t take advantage of or just don’t know how to break into the industry. It’s difficult to run a business and consistently learn and implement new marketing strategies. One of the biggest new methods that produces amazing ROI is social influencer marketing. If you follow highly recognized people on social media you may have seen them advertising, or endorsing a product or service on their feed or channel. This is known as social influencer marketing.

According to studies, 92% of people trust recommendations from individuals (even if they don’t know them) over brands. This is one of the main reasons large corporations and small business’s are changing their advertising strategies to accommodate social influencer marketing and finding that the results are sometimes far better than standard marketing techniques. PPC (pay per click) or just buying traditional ad space has been a great way to get brand recognition and your products in the eyes of a large audience. While this is still a great way to build brand recognition and get people to view your site for your company, ad blocking is on the rise and can essentially block your ad from being seen by your target client base. The way to reach them is to provide content they want from people they trust.

It’s predicted 70 million Americans will use ad blockers in 2016, a rise of 34.4% from 2015. When Apple released iOS 9 for the iPhone they introduced ad blocking built into the software. Ad blocking is only going to get bigger and this is a huge reason that we must find newer techniques to add to the already successful campaigns. The number one reason business’s haven’t tried this social influencer marketing yet is they don’t know where to start, and that’s where we are here to help.

You can read an in depth article on this strategy on our blog page here.

ARCtrinity specializes in implementing these new social influencer marketing strategies. We’ve partnered with many small and large influencers and match them with business’s that want to get an advantage over their competitors and utilize this source of marketing. Whether your budget is large or small we will partner you with the perfect influencer for your business needs. We’ve done the research and built relationships with influencers and can start on your social influencer marketing strategy today. 

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Social Media Icons

Traditional Social Media Marketing

Social media advertising is essential to any campaign. We create a custom strategy designed around your industry and business goals. To start we create custom headers for all your accounts, and provide you with a plan that will increase your footprint within your target audience. Social media is amazing for connecting with your customers and building lasting relationships, but the analytics is where it outshines many other revenues of marketing. With the analytics built into the business pages it makes it easy to keep track of which campaigns work best and you can better increase your ROI. We have a ton of experience in creating ad campaigns on various social media platforms that can help achieve your goals. 

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