How to Get More Customers For Your Business

Website Design with ARCtrinityIn the modern age where everything is done online, having an online presence has become a necessity few can ignore. However, just having a website alone is not enough. You need to have a website that has been designed with the core business you run in mind and based around your target audience. If you have, for example, a website that gets a million visitors a month, but aren’t implementing certain design and marketing strategies, you’re essentially wasting a huge opportunity. You cannot fully maximize your websites presence without putting design and engagement in your philosophy. Here we list the top reason why you should put a huge focus on website design and engagement.

6 Reasons to Stop What You’re Doing Now and Focus On Your Website

  • 1. Your Business becomes more Credible

You might have a business already, or are wondering how to start a business. Without a website, it will be hard creating a presence in the minds of your customers. Most people’s first impression of a company is heavily based on the company’s website. For that reason, you need a website that has been designed well to reflect your overall position in the market. For most people, that would be having the right business designer to take care of their design needs. You want to be sure that your credibility in the face of your customers will go up significantly.

Many business’s start out and don’t have the money or the time to focus on creating a great website. They’ll pay the minimal price they can find for a website just to get online. While this is ok for some companies, this will hurt them in the long run. A good website can easily be your biggest source of leads and sales.

  • 2. You Save Money

Some business owners have a good product and think the next step is to set up an ad campaign. While ads on Facebook, other social media platforms, PPC (pay per click), etc. are a great way of getting your product or service in the eyes of potential customers, it’s not the most effective next step. It’s said that the average person sees around 150 ads per day without even knowing it. We have come accustomed to tuning them out we see so many.

Think about when you see an ad that actually does catch your attention. What’s your first step? To either Google it, or visit their website. You spend a minute at most on their site, then forget about it the next day, unless the site is optimized well. A well designed site will raise your visitor sales conversions dramatically. There’s many marketing techniques you can implement on a website that can have huge benefits. If these are lacking, or done wrong you’re losing money.

I’m definitely not saying that you shouldn’t spend money on ads. They can have huge benefits, but only if your site is fully optimized to handle the traffic you’re going to get from the ads.

  • 3. Your Customers Stay Informed Always

If you have the right design for your website, your customers will always stay in the know about what you do, how you do it and just about everything else important conveying your company’s core message and products/services. You want to assure your website will be both informative and friendly to the customer, but more importantly convert visitors into sales. In this way, the customer will be able to know what you do and what they can expect from you and has a big impact in building a relationship with your customers. You can have sections for offers and discounts, new arrivals, new designs and just about everything there is.

Word of mouth marketing ranks very high in getting new customers. Building relationships with your current customers will have a major impact on getting new customers and converting ones that may be on the fence about buying your product or service.

  • 4. Your Website is Always Available

Unlike ads which are there today and gone tomorrow because let’s face it, it’s expensive to maintain them, a website is always available no matter the time of day one needs to check it out. While you need sleep, and many can’t pay someone to stay in the office answering phones all night, your site is always there with great information. The key is implementing certain strategies and techniques to maintain your visitors’ interest with an ability to contact them later to convert their site visit into a sale or up sale.

Only a percentage of the visitors to your website will make a purchase. The key is to have the highest possible percentage along with the ability to market to them without purchasing new ads. We have an article that goes over certain strategies to increase these conversions and how to implement them on your site.

  • 5. Best Way to Reach More Customers

The right website design will do a lot for you. You will get, first of all, an informed customer base. Secondly, you will have a larger number of customers for your business. While you may already have a physical shop location or are thinking of getting one, your site is open to the whole world. You may choose to target customers in your city, state, country, etc. but having a website gives you the flexibility to choose your target market.

With SEO (search engine optimization) you have the ability to target clients by search engine results. Google alone conducts over 40,000 search queries per second (source). That’s a huge number. If your site is optimized properly, you can draw in a very large amount of people without even spending money on advertising with organic search results.

  • 6. The Stats Don’t Lie

We can go over numerous stats that directly correlate to the major benefits of having a fully optimized website can do for your business. But we’ve done that in other articles and you can read more about that in our other blogs. I’ll just say this. I’ve created many new websites, as well as optimized existing websites and have grown the businesses conversion rate and sales dramatically. Everything is able to be tracked with analytics. When you know how to implement certain strategies and techniques into a website design and marketing plan, it has a tremendous outcome.

Once you have the site created it needs to convert visitors into sales. There’s many strategies to implement that allows you to continuously have contact and build relationships with your customers. On the other side of the spectrum I’ve spoken with businesses that stay stagnant in sales and never really grow. Maybe that’s their plan, they never want to really take off and are ok with being stagnant.

I spoke with someone a year ago that was interested in hiring me to do their marketing. For whatever reason they decided to hold off and stick with their brick and mortar store and basic website that was actually already doing decent in sales all by itself because of the location and products it sold. Now they are struggling to keep things together and stay in business. While I never want to see a business fail, sometimes it’s out of my hands.

It’s your choice as a business owner to take advantage of expert advice with proven results, or choose to stick with what’s been working for you. The only promise I can give to my clients is if they choose to go with my design, strategies, and techniques, that they will see more growth. It’s not a get rich technique and takes time to build, but that’s what I’m in business for, to help businesses succeed and grow.

These and many other reasons are the benefits you get when using a professional website designer such as Arctrinity. You get to have an online presence that is designed and optimized to generate leads and sales only enjoyed by big firms. Having a website is the first step towards having the right position in the business you have decided to get involved with.